Kit Fiat Ducato

Valeo Clutch Kit Em Lot For Fiat Ducato Cavalier Boxer 2,8td / Jtd

Valeo Clutch Kit Em Lot For Fiat Ducato Cavalier Boxer 2,8td / Jtd

Valeo Clutch Kit Em Lot For Fiat Ducato Cavalier Boxer 2,8td / Jtd   Valeo Clutch Kit Em Lot For Fiat Ducato Cavalier Boxer 2,8td / Jtd

Valeo clutch kit em lot for fiat ducato rider boxer 2.8td / jtd. This product sheet has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Silent intermediate vw / audi. Kit clutch valeo kit clutch kit fiat ducato jumper boxer 2.8td / jtd. Click to enlarge the image. Kit clutch valeo set kit clutch fiat ducato jumper boxer 2.8td / jtd we offer you a kit clutch new valeo, composed of: - clutch pressure tray - clutch disc - release stop diameter 235mm / number of teeth 21 suitable for: fiat ducato 2.8td 90kw / 122ps (also 4x4) fiat ducato 2.8jtd 94kw / 128ps (also 4x4) also suitable for citoen jumper and popeot boxer with the same engine. Reference Number sachs : 3000 951 307 orig. Reference Number fiat : 71712932 valeo no. 821359 if you are not sure if the coupling is suitable for you... Please send us the key numbers, the year of construction and the engine of your vehicle. If this connection is not suitable, we will find the one that suits you and offer you a fair price. We have almost all spare parts for almost all brands and all types of cars. We send our packages with established parcel senders to give you a max. Be able to offer a professional service in the field of parcel shipping. The best possible sender is always selected for you. A selection from you is not possible. Dhl - dpd - gls - transline. Of course, you can also remove your item yourself in our on-site shop, free of charge.

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A process that requires an open and intimate collaboration of allen people involved. Sealing mastic for exhaust system fischer 170g.

Starting cable 200a starting cable starting cable battery cable 2.5 m long car. Copper paste comma copper ease copper grease mounting paste 500g copper slip paste. Elring 471.170 Universal Elastic Silicone Styling Cover 60ml. Then follows a page of the command summary, on which the coordinates of the ach are listed.

This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\auto: spare parts\transmission systems\clutch kits complete". The seller is "flex-autoteil" and is located in this country: de. This item can be shipped to the following countries: European Union, United Kingdom.
    Mark: valeo Manufacturer guarantee: yes
  1. reference number oe: 71712932, 71734934, 2052.Y2, 717119218, 2050c1, 2052y2, 205245
  2. e/oem reference number: 624309600
  3. Manufacturer part number: 821359
  4. product group: clutch parts
  5. product type: clutch

Valeo Clutch Kit Em Lot For Fiat Ducato Cavalier Boxer 2,8td / Jtd   Valeo Clutch Kit Em Lot For Fiat Ducato Cavalier Boxer 2,8td / Jtd