Kit Fiat Ducato

Engine Oil Classic 10w-7l Mannol 40+ Mann-filter Filter Fiat Ducato Bus

Engine Oil Classic 10w-7l Mannol 40+ Mann-filter Filter Fiat Ducato Bus
Engine Oil Classic 10w-7l Mannol 40+ Mann-filter Filter Fiat Ducato Bus

Engine Oil Classic 10w-7l Mannol 40+ Mann-filter Filter Fiat Ducato Bus    Engine Oil Classic 10w-7l Mannol 40+ Mann-filter Filter Fiat Ducato Bus

Engine oil 7l mannol classic 10w-40 + mann-filter filter fiat ducato bus. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. 2x 1 liter original mannol vector 10W-40 engine oil API sn / sm / cf. 1x 5 liters of origin mannol conventional 10W-40 motor oil API sn / sm / cf.

1x original air filter mann. 1x original mann filter pollen filter air filter interior. 1x Original mann fuel filter. 1x Original mann oil filter. Mannol API 10W-40 classical sn / sm / cf motor oils for cars and vans> premium motor oils. SAE 10W-40 API sn / sm / cf ACEA A3 / b4 mb 229.1 Renault RN0700 vw 502.00 / 505.00. Please compare the usability with the necessary approvals for your vehicle before use. You can find them in the manual for your vehicle or contact your specialist workshop in this regard. We accept no liability for improper use.

As part of the sale of motor oil or combustion gears and oil filters, we, as dealers are required in accordance with Regulation on waste oils, to inform us about the regulations and obligations applicable. We emphasize that waste oil or oil filters and waste containing oil that regularly occur during oil changes are dangerous goods which must be eliminated in a manner respectful of the environment. You can return the oil in the amount of fresh oil bought from us, as well as oil filters and waste oil containing regularly occurring during the oil change, free to our point of sale for hours, or you can send them for free disposal in containers approved for the transport of dangerous goods.

Used oil must be labeled as dangerous goods during shipment. It should not be sent by parcel without special packaging. Each cartridge must first be welded in a box insert film extra thick. The shipment can take place in the special box dangerous goods, which corresponds to the IATA regulations.

The package should also contain an absorbent material approved. For details on packaging regulations and shipping prices, please contact your parcel service. The packaging and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Alternatively, the waste oil return is generally also possible in stations or in recycling points such as recycling yards or recycling of waste. Your shop can also dispose of used oil when changing the oil. Mannol the 10w-40 is a modern classic hc synthetic engine oil for cars equipped with gasoline engines, diesel and natural gas, with and without turbocharger. It is suitable for use in the allen allen operating conditions and environmental influences. It offers optimum engine protection in a wide range of operation, less wear and excellent performance at high and low temperatures. Unit value of the property testing procedure Coc flashpoint of 92 ° C 226 All information has been published to the best of our knowledge. However, we reserve the right to make changes. Unit value of the property testing procedure viscosity at -25 ° cd cp 5293 6980 Viscosity at 100 ° cd 445 cst 14.34 Viscosity at 40 ° 445 cd 94.6 cst viscosity index of 2270156 all information has been published in best of our knowledge. M 22 x 1.5. Opening pressure of the shunt valve. Article number of the recommended special tools.

1444 sg; 16 06 26 76 80; Including 6447; 1906 98; 6479 c9; 1906 c4; 1444 sr. 4036021504209; 4036021101200; 4011558757908; 4011558394202; 4011558000820; 4011558323202. 77,362,340; 8094872; 1359644080; 77364063; 77365902; 71746975; 5801985959; 77363600; 1354884080; 71753841; 77365864. ACEA A3 / B4; api cf; vw 502.00; api cf; vw 502.00; SAE 10W-40; mb 229.1; SAE 10W-40; mb 229.1; api sm; vw 505.00; api sm; vw 505.00; api sn; Renault RN0700; api sn; Renault RN0700; ACEA A3 / B4.

299 5811; 5040 91563; 500038751. W 914/28; have x 723; cu 2544; mn7501-5; mn7501-1; c 17 237/1. 4807214; 8135690; 818,012; 95599700; 4708795; 813,569; 818032.

1906 97; 6479 c9; 1906 c4; 1444 sr; 1444 sg; 1606267680; 1444 sf; 6447 ago. 15411-84e50-000; 15411t84e60; 15411-84e60; 15411-84e50; 15411-84e60-000. These numbers are only for comparative purposes. Are for comparative purposes only and may vary. All logos, brand names and trademarks used are the property of their owners. All products are tested for quality. Generally everything in stock - so no waiting time. 24 months warranty on new products. 12 months warranty on used products. Our service continues to sell the goods for you. 229.1 Mb remark mannol amount 1 l 5 l 10w40 10w40 size 303 mm 97 mm Manufacturer 169 169 mm size 25 mm Manufacturer length 235 mm width 250 mm size 99 mm 25 mm 67 manufacturer info 67 mm size 78 mm Manufacturer 63 mm 72 mm 93 9 2.5 bar ls info 2 93 mm citroën: ean: fiat ford: 1596 iveco 790: no. Opel Peugeot: subaru: suzuki opel. Service servicekit, inspektionskit, wechselset, wechselkit. Wartung & pflege / inspektion.

RN0700 Renault, VW 502.00, VW 505.00. SAE 10W-40, API sn, cf api, api sm, ACEA A3 / B4, MB 229.1.

The item \kits for review. \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: america, europe, asia.
  1. reference number oe / oem: package inspection, inspection kits <\/ li>
  2. product group: Engine oil filter <\/ li> Fuel
  3. Manufacturer's Authorization: SAE 10W-40 API sn, see api, api sm, Acea a3 / b4 229.1 mb <\/ li>
  4. Package: yes <\/ li>
  5. ean: 4061174930100 <\/ li>
  6. SAE viscosity: 10W40, 10W40 <\/ li>
  7. scope: maintenance & pflege / inspection <\/ li>
  8. Surface structure: nine <\/ li>
  9. Product type: motor oil, <\/ li> filter
  10. Application: motor vehicles <\/ li>
  11. Manufacturer Part Number: 10934512 <\/ li>
  12. brand: mannol <\/ li>
  13. authorization fabricant1: RN0700 Renault, VW 502.00, VW 505.00 <\/ li>
  14. Manufacturer warranty: Yes <\/ li>
  15. Type: oil engine, <\/ li> filter
  16. Manufacturer: mannol, mann-filter <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Engine Oil Classic 10w-7l Mannol 40+ Mann-filter Filter Fiat Ducato Bus    Engine Oil Classic 10w-7l Mannol 40+ Mann-filter Filter Fiat Ducato Bus